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KOCF Launches a New Membership Program

KOCF Launches a New Membership Program

by Arthur Martins on February 09, 2023 Categories: News
KOCF is an online, one-stop-shop that provides a large collection of car parts compatible with specific car makes and models. The company boasts over 10,000 parts, 150 members, a generous affiliate program, shipping insurance, financing options, and top tier customer service – making it one of the most popular e-retailers of car parts in the industry.

In the company’s most recent news, KOCF is thrilled to formally introduce its new membership program for current, new, and future clients. The value-driven membership is the ultimate way for members to receive exclusive benefits that would not normally be available to them, including:

• Access to the renowned Kingdom Membership Community; groupchat, group buys, and raffles
• $50-$100 welcome gift card
• $1,000+ in monthly giveaways
• Member-only discounted prices on all available 10,000 car parts
• Exclusive collections for Camry, Corolla, and Civic brands
• Sponsorships
• And so much more

“Unlike other car part membership programs, once you’re inside you’ll immediately be able to access your membership benefits,” says founder of KOCF, Arthur Martins. “While there are tons of amazing features, the best part about your membership is the community. We’re a very tight and knowledgeable bunch and we look forward to welcoming you.”

For those looking to get even more out of their membership, users can earn a 10% commission for every successful referral they make. Taking advantage of this opportunity is easy – simply join for free, choose any product(s) to advertise to customers, and earn commission from all qualifying purchases – not just the products they advertise. Not only that, but the company’s competitive conversion rates help to maximize earnings.

Car enthusiasts are invited to share their referral code on their car Instagram or at their next show.

For more information about KOCF’s new membership program, please visit or check out the company’s Instagram at

About KOCF

KOCF was founded in 2020 by CEO, Arthur Martins, a Brazilian-born US citizen, car enthusiast and graduate of the University of Albany. The company began with small roots, selling ten different car parts on Instagram to a niche community of Camry owners. Over the past year, KOCF has grown to an expansive website with over 10,000 parts and unique membership program that brings value to more customers.

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