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Win a Carbon Fiber Hood & Fenders This June!

Win a Carbon Fiber Hood & Fenders This June!

by Nine Pines on June 04, 2024 Categories: News

Unleash Your Ride's Inner Beast: Win a Carbon Fiber Hood & Fenders This June!

Imagine ripping down the road with a ride that turns heads for all the right reasons. This June, KOCF is making that dream a reality with an epic giveaway – a show-stopping Carbon Fiber Hood and Fenders package for one lucky winner!

This isn't just an upgrade, it's a transformation. Ditch the ordinary and embrace the sleek, lightweight power of carbon fiber. Experience the thrill of premium materials and a touch of racing heritage that screams performance.

Ready to claim your spot in the winner's circle? 


Why Join KOCF VIP Membership?

    Joining our VIP family isn't just about this giveaway (although, let's be honest, winning a head-turning Carbon Fiber Hood and Fenders package is pretty awesome!). It's about unlocking a world of exclusive benefits:

    • Welcome Gift Card: New VIPs get a sweet $50-$100 Welcome Gift Card to fuel your automotive passion.
    • Monthly Giveaways: We're talking prizes worth over $1,000 every month, just for VIP members!
    • Cash Back Rewards: Earn a whopping 20% cash back on VIP payments and 2% back on all orders.
    • Exclusive VIP Access: Unlock insider perks and VIP-only pricing.

    Becoming a VIP is a breeze (and totally worth it)!

    Head over to  to join the KOCF VIP family and automatically enter for a chance to win this incredible Carbon Fiber Hood and Fenders package.

    But hurry, this giveaway ends on June 30th! Don't miss your chance to transform your ride.

    Follow us on Instagram (@kingofcarbonfiber) for all things KOCF and to see the winner announced!

    Join the KOCF VIP family today and unleash the true potential of your car!