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New York Weekly Features KOCF

New York Weekly Features KOCF

by Arthur Martins on March 09, 2023 Categories: News

The world of automotive eCommerce is booming, with estimates predicting that it will continue to accelerate over the coming years, growing by $79.6 billion between now and 2027. For innovative online parts provider KOCF, this prediction is an exciting opportunity to take its brand to the next level, beginning with its exciting Twitter-inspired membership program. 

KOCF is an exciting brand focused on providing a large collection of high-quality carbon fiber auto parts. It has experienced rapid growth in recent years, continuously pushing the boundaries and expanding its services to provide greater value to automotive consumers.  

Founded in 2020 by University of Albany graduate Arthur Martins, a Brazilian-born US citizen with a passion for cars, KOCF was formed after Arthur began gaining popularity from posting pictures of his new Camry on Instagram.  The growing audience created an opportunity to sell a small collection of around ten different products to the niche Camry owners’ community. 

However, this quickly began to grow, and nowadays, KOCF offers an incredible array of over 10,000 parts for some of the most popular vehicles on our roads. Now, the New York-based brand is excited to be offering customers even more with its unique three-tier Membership Program. 

For a small monthly fee, becoming a KOCF member unlocks an entire world of benefits for customers. Beginning at just $9.99 for Tier 1, members will automatically receive a $50 gift card to spend. The value of the gift card and benefits increases for those in Tier 2 and Tier 3. 

Of course, the new KOCF membership offers much more than just the welcome gift card. All members will gain access to exclusive collections alongside enjoying an exclusive discount on every order that they make while they will also be automatically entered into a monthly prize draw to win $1,000.

Since the very beginning, Arthur has been committed to building a community of like-minded enthusiasts. That is why every member, no matter their tier, will be able to join the KOCF group chats to share advice, content, and stories with each other. Eager to give back to the growing community, each member will also receive their own affiliate link to share, earning them a minimum of 10% commission every time their code is used to purchase products from the expansive store. 

“I’m really excited to be launching the KOCF Membership Program,” said KOCF CEO Arthur Martins“the idea is inspired by Twitter CEO, Elon Musk. He has continuously pushed the boundaries of business and taken risks, which has spurred me on to replicate that with my own business. One of the things that has always impressed me was his non-traditional approach to marketing, never spending a single dollar on advertising. This is an incredible feat, especially in this modern world where we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements every day. 

This word of mouth approach is something that I have been striving to replicate here at KOCF.  As my popularity grew in the car scene on Instagram, I started adding small collections of car parts.  That has continuously evolved to where I now offer over 10,000 parts and have fulfilled more than 2,000 orders, in less than two years – all through word of mouth and social media!   

This membership program is just the next step in growing the brand and offering more value to our community. We’ve seen in recent months that Twitter is now charging for Twitter Blue, and Meta has confirmed that it is adopting the same approach for Facebook and Instagram.

Our membership satisfaction rate is already well over 90%, with members having quickly realized that their monthly subscription is a highly cost-effective solution, and we are regularly seeing Tier 1 members upgrade to Tier 3.

Of course, while Elon is a major inspiration to me, I’m also keen to be making my own mark on the industry, and we are working on a range of exciting new possibilities that will help us to elevate KOCF even further.” 

As the KOCF services and product range continue to expand, the company is quickly becoming the go-to provider for the online automotive parts industry. This ground-breaking membership program is an industry first and cements Arthur’s forward-thinking approach to eCommerce. 

To learn more about KOCF and the membership program, visit


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